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Finance AI Chatbot

Project type

Product, UX, Chatbot, NLP, Machine Learning, AI, Cloud


Los Angeles CA


AI/ML & NLP Subject Matter Expert

I had the pleasure of working on a machine learning and NLP project to build a chatbot that provided a conversational interface which best aligned with the a credit company's brand. The bot was created to elevate the online experience for customers while shifting brand perceptions. The bot also sought to showcase the human side of the credit company by providing a conversational interface that is helpful and compassionate towards the customer, engage in a conversation with customers that improves customer service while making life easier for the customer, and utilize current technology to connect with audiences in innovative ways they are quickly becoming familiar with.

The motivation to create the bot was to establish a relationship with customers by providing useful information and appropriate services, and improve first impressions, while driving engagement. The application also integrated with DialogFlow and Chatbase for analytics and ongoing tailoring of user intents, and content.

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