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Cisco GSX

Project type

Software Engineering, Cloud Architecture, Video Processing, Real-time Analytics, NLP


San Francisco CA | San Jose, CA


Lead Engineer, Machine Learning & NLP Expert

Cisco, a world leader in information technology products, has held a Global Sales meeting every year for the past 15 years. In 2008, they decided that the high cost of doing this was just not feasible in light of the recession. Turning to their event-planning partner, GPJ, JUXT’s parent company, they asked for help re-imagining what the event could be with the help of digital technology.

Trending Sentiment Engine, Points System, Social Listening, Video Messages

The Cisco Global Sales Experience (GSX) project allowed our team to build technology and experiences which we connected over 20,000 people around the world for four days through multi-tiered simulcast sessions and a host of supporting digital content and activities designed to help Cisco’s sales force kick off the new year with momentum. This was a massive annual project that takes 200-300 people to accomplish. I led the development of the trending topics and sentiment analysis engines, point systems, social listening, and a really cool, video messaging system. The video messaging concept was a web camera that would record your message, then the video was stitched together and edited by software to create an overall branded video that was unique to each user's message of congratulations to their team members. The overall system had to withstand the onslaught of users pummeling the system, while showcasing the integration to Cisco core products, so there was very little room for error during the event.

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